Not Available at this time VQ35 to GM Trans Adapter

No longer available
Bolt that GM auto tranny up to your 350z/G35
Universal Throttle Body Bell Crank Details  Universal Throttle Body Bell Crank

Use this VW FPR Adapter to keep your stock regulator adapter VW Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter

Trigger Mount Details SDS VW Trigger Mount

Mounting unit
Adjustable mount for your efi trigger

Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter

Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter

Excepts the VW OEM Bosch style fuel pressure regulator.



Supra to GM Details

Supra to GM Tranny Adapter
No longer available
This trans adapter allows you to bolt up many different GM transmissions TH400 700R4 etc


Supra to GM Flexplate Details

Supra to GM Billet Flexplate
No longer available
This billet flexplate works in conjunction with our trans adapter plate to allow you to hookup that stout GM automatic tranny



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